L`Étoile et Le Papillon Jean-Michel Duriez

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L`Étoile et Le Papillon Jean-Michel Duriez


"The Star and the Butterfly is the fusion of two beings

that everything seems to oppose.

It is bright and fresh, it seems unattainable.

Near the ground, it seems frozen. Petrified.

He rushes, a rose in hand for its Star.

But it is far, it does not see.

In a final flutter, butterfly reaches almost touches the same then runs out.

And gives up.

The rose falls. Ensign seized it.

"Is this rose for me? "

The Star joined him, he is alive, they are one.

"I built this fragrance as the breathless encounter between two people who are total opposites. The dazzling Star is a fresh Turkish rose on the sweetness of vanilla ylang. The Butterfly ready to cross the peaks is a sandalwood essence of Caledonia milk foam on a wooded background. I wrapped their union with a light veil of white amber. A perfume for life."

This unique creation is offered in a box Graffé by Noah-Two, painter and graffiti artist. Assembled into a masterful work of art, the 168 lacquered wooden boxes are signed and numbered by the artist. It is the meeting of the powerful and spontaneous art of Noah Two and olfactory sensitivity of Jean-Michel Duriez, to celebrate its 30 years perfumery." - a note from the brand.

L`Étoile et Le Papillon by Jean-Michel Duriez is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men.  The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Michel Duriez. The fragrance features turkish rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and white amber.