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"Origin is an ode to the earliest aspects of universe and the earliest pioneers of fragrance

Using a combination of the oldest ingredients in perfumery, Origin expands like a galactic explosion of matter, conceding to the serenity of a new universe. In the heart Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Turkish Rose Absolute unfurl revealing a surprisingly delicate scent. French Vanilla Bourbon provides sweetness to the base, complimented by the earthiness of French Patchouli Heart. Finally, Indian Papyrus Oil leaves Origin with a lasting ancient and exotic quality."

"Utopia is a dedication to the Zenith of our human desires, to live in unity and in a place of absolute comfort.

Utopia transforms our surroundings, leading us to a state of meditation, peace and stillness.

Jacaranda Absolute pays homage to Steyn’s childhood in Pretoria, where the city is lit up by purple and blue Jacaranda trees during the height of summer. Alongside the Jacaranda Absolute, French Osmanthus Absolute plays a central role in the heart of Utopia. Its telling peach and apricot accords instil the senses with a balance of airborne sweetness on a Suede and French Vanilla Bourbon base."

Coda is named after the coda that "concludes the passage of time, introduces the close of musical symphonies, and the final dance of the Swan in Swan Lake. A natural, deliberate and beautifully considered climax.

Cinnamon Bark Oil and pressed Egyptian bergamot creates a unique opening. Turkish Rose Absolute and Egyptian Rose Absolute feature, but the true beauty of Coda lies in the base. Namibian Myrrh, the sweetness of Indonesian Benzoin Resinoid and highly sensual French Labdanum Absolute provides a base that will endure well after the last notes have sung their final song."

"Freedom has its own meaning to each person, and this fragrance intends to release us into our own adaptation.

Freedom was inspired by Brenton on Sea in South Africa, where the native Knysna Turaco birds soar freely over the endless coastline of sea and sand. A place of Freedom and inspiration for Steyn.

Pressed Egyptian Bergamot and Spanish Thyme Oil combine with a Marine and Sea Salt Accord. This transcends the wearer to that moment you smell the ocean for the first time after a long journey from the city. Cape Immortelle Absolute is an indigenous fynbos that grows along the Brenton coast line which gives Freedom an herbaceous hay-like character in the heart. The whole creation is complimented by Haitian Vetiver, Oak Moss and White Musk in the base."